Choosing a Holiday Villa

It can be overwhelming to book a holiday villa when you are scouting for a villa for your next vacation in Goa. Browsing through the thousands of options to pick one or more importantly picking the right one does require the right approach and also a fair amount of research. It is certainly an important decision to make and obviously essential to get it right as doing so would mean a highly enjoyable holiday experience for you and your loved ones. We have put together a few tips to get you going in the right direction;

Looking to Rent a Vacation Home? Going about it the right way will save you plenty of time, energy, and effort

Pick handle of researching material

Almost anyone if not everyone has traveled to Goa at some point or the other and perhaps must have stayed at great villas. A great option is to reach out to friends and family that have done to gather a few references. The most obvious choice is to look at villas rental websites and also browse through social platforms.  This can be overwhelming at the beginning but to keep things organized narrow the list of references to the best 10

The Type Of Holiday You Want

Goa has a variety of experiences that holiday-goers can enjoy. At the get-go think about the holiday experience you want and what you would want from it. Would you fancy a beach-side villa that is in close proximity to the beach or perhaps a villa in the hinterland that has views of the mountains with a private pool attached to it. This would help you further narrow down the options from the list you initially created. Thus the more you are certain about the type of holiday experience you wish to have it will take you a step closer to making the right decision.

Where in Goa Would You Like to Be?

The north and the south coast are very distinct from each other. Both are beach locations,  North Goa is a tourist-centric location filled with restaurants, pubs, shopping, night markets, and clubs. South Goa is low slower, it does have plenty of tourists, but not as much, plenty of greenery, wide-open beaches, and a lot of peace and quiet. If you are looking for a romantic getaway the southern coastline would be a good recommendation and other the other hand if you are looking for a high voltage getaway, it is undoubtedly the north of Goa.

Paying attention to the practicalities

The number of bedrooms needed or parking spaces for multiple vehicles are the very basics that needed consideration. Many would like a villa as close to the beach as possible or perhaps even close to the shopping districts. This information may sometimes not be readily available on the listing and thus may require some bit of research.  A private swimming pool is also a much-needed prerequisite for many vacationers. Some of these features can be filtered down in the initial shortlisting as well to keep the search organized.


Check for reviews

Look into finding reviews wherever you possibly can. This will better your confidence in the shortlisted properties and will help you in making a better decision. Similarly, don’t just follow bad reviews as well, if you look a bit deeper you can sum up an average of what the feedback has been on the property, and then arrive at a conclusion.

Arriving at a budget

Working with a budget in mind will help keep the property hunt a lot more streamlined. Before you set out a budget, have a realistic picture of what the costs of properties are in the locality of choice. Although properties are available at multiple price points, tariffs do vary keeping in mind the luxuries, the amenities, and the location of the properties. Properties by the beach are a lot pricier than properties in the city areas.

The atmosphere and lifestyle you are looking for

There are basics and there are luxuries and everything else in between.  Private pools with heated Jacuzzi’s, lush green open spaces, a private path to the beach, a private chef dishing out your favorite cuisines, or even a spa therapist at the villa are some of the comforts and luxuries that are commonly available.  A driver to your vehicle and meals all round the clock are nice touches to have as well.

Design and Décor

Being comfortable in the space also requires the space to suit your personalities. A classic décor with neutral colors with well-muted designs will suit some whereas others may prefer modern minimalism others a 21st-century villa.  The vibe and aura of the property is a huge appeal when renting out a villa and if the pictures of the interior don’t appeal to you, even when everything else does, we would recommend you give it a pass.


What would make Your Stay Enjoyable?

There are the bare essentials that must fit the bill and these essentials when seen a property listing can tip the rental in its favor. If you are a food for example, that loves gourmet meals, an in-house extraordinary chef would be a luxury essential. For movie buffs, an in-villa private cinema room or a luxurious comfortable lounge would be essential. For the fitness freaks who cannot miss out on a daily workout, a gym in the villa would be a must-have.

Needs of other accompanying you

Rightly so, no person is an island! The needs of others are always a worry, thus to achieve a proper balance with the group is so very vital. When families are traveling along, everyone needs their own space that is compatible with their personalities, interests, and luxury list. With friends, it becomes essential that all come together in harmony and experience luxury together and at the same time enjoy the stay on their own terms.

Identify the deal breakers

For a villa to be the perfect fit that you are looking for, it must undoubtedly be a space that you fall in love with at first sight. To find that perfect space, you must clearly be aware of what you are looking for. Ideally having the deal-breakers and must-haves of not only yourself but also of those traveling along with you will give you a better chance of finding the right villa of your choice!