Preferred locations for vacation rentals with the pros and cons

One of the most preferred locations for a short as well as a long stay, Goa ranks high amongst the list of places to rent a home for a vacation. Its culture and way of life besides its beautiful beaches and landscapes are some of the main reasons for many choosing to flock down to this part of the world. There are a number of options available to stay at from studio apartments to exotic villas offering the best of amenities to a luxury traveler to the necessities of a backpacker. In this article, we shed light on the best cities to stay at while you plan your stay. Undoubtedly it is the beach belt that is widely sort after, however, there is a large population of travelers that choose to stay in a number of variety of neighborhoods in the vicinity of the coast.

Villas in Anjuna

Topping the list is the ever vibrant localities of Anjuna and Vagator. One of the most popular locales for European tourists, Anjuna and Vagator have a number of backer-packer hostels, luxurious hotels, and also gorgeous independent villas and Portuguese structures.  Villas near Anjuna beach are generally medium to large-sized properties. Luxury villas are found here the most. These areas are densely populated with tourists, visited by those that want a bit of peace and quiet and yet be not far away from the fun and frolic. Beach villas at Anjuna also listed amongst the many listings, most of which are listed very close to the beach. Beach villas are listed at a premium and are known for their luxuries and ultra-modern amenities.

The areas are well known for its night markets, flea markets, and trance music. Plenty of supermarkets, fantastic cuisine, and plenty of pubs make for great nightlife. The vibe here is a touch apart from the other towns and beach areas which is why so many are drawn to live here. The stays here are more for short periods and also many foreigners prefer to stay away from the noise and entertainment and opt for quieter locations.  Although there a number of listings on the outskirts of these locations prices are higher as there is always steep demand for properties offering short stays. The way of life in these parts are more towards lazing by the beach and hitting the club scene at the night.


Villas in Candolim and Calangute

Next on our list is Calangute and Candolim, which are highly commercial in terms of everyday life. There are plenty of high rises here, more of hotels, and very limited independent structures. These areas are excellent if you are looking to party it out all night or simply go bar hopping. Popular among the domestic and also numerous western tourists, these areas are densely populated and visited by many for shopping, eating, and bars. The accommodation that is available is tight-sized as there in terms of room space and there are a lot more hotel rooms and studio-like apartments that are available. Candolim does have exclusive villas that are rested away from the noise and sounds of the area, hideouts that have access to the beach, and are mostly listed in the luxury segment class.

Villas at Baga beach, villas in Candolim, and villas for rent near Calangute beach are highly sorted after location for holiday goers. These areas are at the center point of tourism activity, amidst night markets, pubs and restaurants, nightclubs, night markets, and plenty of shopping. Calangute beach villas on rent are always in demand, priced at a premium, most suited for those that love to stay right where the action is. These areas are suitable for short stays- most of the rentals are listed in this manner.

Villas in Mandrem and Morjim

Mandrem and Morjim are next on our list. A landscape that has intentionally not been commercialized, these areas are away from the crowded tourism and commercial activities. Accommodation here is mainly available in homestays and independent villas. A similar way of life is towards the sleepy villages of Assagao and Siolim both of which are away from the beach, a good 20-minute drive away.  These localities are less populated with people, away from the noise, and a lot cleaner as well. Since the beach is about 8 kms away, the rents here are a whole lot lower as compared to other areas. All the basic essentials are readily available as there is a flourishing local population residing here, it does though lack the pubs and clubs, something that attracts many to opt for a vacation rental in these areas.


Villas in Saligao

Saligao and Verem are also localities that offer a majority of independent homes as vacation rentals. You will find a mix of aged homes as well as luxurious beachfront villas here. Saligao has a number of Portuguese homes with gated properties. Many of the homes here have been refurbished as well with modern décor and amenities. Price points are a lot more relaxed here as there also are a number of listings available most suitable for yearly stays. Verem is situated along the banks of the river Mandovi  nestled in a sleepy fishing village that isn’t populated away with high rises.

Villas in Saipem and Pomburpa

The villages of Siapem and also Pomurppa are other hideouts that also make our list of places. Both are promising areas that offer country-side living amongst paddy fields and away from the hustle and bustle. Accommodation types available here are apartments and independent villas. There aren’t a lot of hotels here and also the nightlife is very limited. The rent expectations here are at least 35% lower than areas such as Anjuna and Vagator. Saipem is fast evolving as hotels such as the Hilton are now in operation. Siampem has a riverfront and Pomurppa on the other hand has a beautiful lake.  We have a variety of listings that you can explore in these areas for your vacation home!

Overall it is the villas for rent in Candolim and Calangute, most preferred by the beach are the most popular choices made by domestic tourists. International travelers prefer to stay are away from the hustle and bustle and prefer to rent villas at Anjuna and also Vagator. Domestic travelers also look for luxury villas at Candolim and Calangute as their first preference and then look towards villas near these areas.