How to Rent a Holiday Villa in Goa

Start your house hunt for your holiday villa in Goa by browsing on multiple listings websites such as ours. Although there are a number of popular sites such as AirBnB with numerous listings, a whole lot of owners refrain from listing their properties there due to the high commission fees that they have to pay for these platforms.

In this article, we have categorized stays highlighting long term as well as short term stays. This guide is mainly to give you a perspective on how best to approach staying in Goa whether it is for a short vacation or year-long one. For short stays, this guide highlights the ideal locations, the rents in these locations, and also a general idea of the sizes of these spaces. For longer duration stays we have gone about describing what one would require and the approach needed to hire a holiday villa.

Holiday Villas Rentals

There are a number of sleepy villages and beach properties that you can explore therefore the location that you would prefer are the foremost aspect to be considered. Anjuna and Vagator are the most prominent locations that are always sort after. Although these localities are crowded they have an excellent vibe and there are a number of guest houses, backpacker hostels, and villas that are available. In these areas it common to find 6 bedroom villas for rent with a pool.  If you are concerned about prices read our article on the cost of vacation properties across a number of locations across the state. Head towards Siolim and Morjim and the rents are a lot cheaper, the villages a lot quieter. You are away from the hustle-bustle of the city life and are given to explore plenty of paddy fields and swaying palms. There are a number of refurbished Portuguese styled homes in these areas offered as 2 bedroom villas and also 3 bedroom villas. If you are looking to rent a house for 3 days (a short stay), then a Goan home is what we would recommend.

The time of the year that you will arrive is also crucial. Monsoons arrive during the months of June and last until October. The heavy downpour can last for days.  Old styled Portuguese homes or aged properties may be susceptible to leaks causing damage and flooding. If you plan to stay for a longer period speak to the homeowner on the condition of the roof and how to go about it in terms of payments and repairs in case there is a leakage. Also account for humidity during this season. Your appliances and electronics may need adequate care at aged properties. Another factor to consider is the minimum period of stay, a majority of the villas for rent in Goa are for 4 days however there are a few villas that also have a minimum stay of 2 days.

If the house is near a paddy field and surrounded by trees, the likeliness of snakes around is never a surprise. Adequate trimming of shrubs and bushes, branches that touch the property, and ensuring all the doors and windows seal shut properly must be checked before moving in. For those choosing a beachside house and plan for a yearlong stay, keep in mind that the salt in the air will ruin your appliances and electronics. Seaview villas preferably villas on the beach are the properties in most demand, and these get rented fairly quickly, therefore if there is a property you fancy don’t hesitate to act on it as quickly as you possibly can.


Price Of Holiday Villas

Prices of villas vary from locality to locality, season and holidays, etc. Check the property pricing article that explores this top at length. Independent homes range anywhere between Rs.45,000 to about Rs. 1,50,0000 per month. On average the cost of a modern home would be around Rs. 65,000 with all modern amenities for a year-long monthly lease. Short stays prices are always higher and are mainly dependent on the factors mentioned above.  The average space that is available are 3 bedroom villas in north Goa, but is also not uncommon to come across 4 and 5 bedroom villas for rent, not so often, but yes, they are listed on the market from time to time. In crowded areas such as Calangute and Mapusa, villas as small as 1 BHK are also listed by homeowners. These are generally row villas and hence are very compact.

Next comes the deposit made to the homeowners. Typically the going rate is three month’s rent in as a deposit and a months’ rent in advance.  Remember it is very normal negotiating in Goa so you need not accept a price or a deal upfront without negotiating for it. Every homeowner is different, the asking could also be two months or less depending on the tenure of stay or the expectations of the homeowner. With the amount of deposit upon, remember to ask the homeowner for a receipt for it and if possible do a direct bank transfer rather than a cash transaction. Further, this amount must be mentioned in the lease agreement as well specifying the amount, the mode of payment, transaction details such as the transaction number, number of the bank, etc. and also the date. The process for refund must be clearly discussed with the homeowner in advance specifically the deductions for if at all must be clarified in advance. Lease agreements are generally signed over an 11 month period if the period of stay is under three months or even less generally a deposit and the advance rent should suffice.

For A Comfortable Stay

Most property owners welcome pets, especially if the property is an independent home or villa. The same is also the case in gated communities as well however if the property resides in hotels (timeshare properties for instance) there could be restrictions on having pets around. These properties can be available for shorter stays for a minimum of 3 days or even 2 nights.

We would strongly recommend budgeting for the upkeep of the property if the stay is yearly. The budget is completely dependent on the age of the property and the type of property it is. Things like the A/C’s, inverter batteries, fans, microwaves, etc. are yours to look after. It is best that you get these inspected together with the homeowner before you move it as it is very unlikely that the landlord would repair it during the lease.

In a standard home with a property age of 8-12 years, there would be old furniture that has been aged with the home itself. Almost always it isn’t the best to live with. Buying the essentials such as the couch or a futon and a king-sized bed is always something that is needed in most cases. Modern homes come with newer furniture and decor not requiring changes.


Appliances & Must Haves’s for Medium-to-Long Stays

The air-con is a must-have appliance to own especially if you are visiting during the months of March until May. If the place does not have one, then you may want to consider installing one.  Additionally, the usage of the A/C’s does have an impact on the electricity bill. Electricity bills on an average would be around Rs. 10,000 during the summer months and around Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 5000 without its use.

Another must-have appliance is the water-purifier. Tap water isn’t recommended for drinking purposes. On average these would cost roughly about Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 12,000. If you don’t wish to purchase one, the other option is to boil water over the stove before it is consumed. If you opt for a furnished villa or house discuss with the homeowner for it to be a part of the appliances made available.

Most homeowners will provide you with an LPG cylinder that you can connect to the stove. We would still recommend purchasing an induction cooker as getting a refill to a cylinder is a cumbersome process and has to be through the homeowner itself.

Domestic help is commonly available only a monthly basis ranging between Rs.2000-Rs. 4000.  They coming in for an hour each day for tasks such as washing the dishes, mopping the floors, etc. They don’t perform certain tasks such as taking care of the pets, ironing or sometimes washing the clothes. Dishwashers and ovens are not a part of a majority of the households here so if you fancy one of these appliances you would have to purchase them yourself. Power cuts occur every now and then for which an invertor is needed to power up the fans and a few light points in the house.

Gated communities have their own security guards which makes the place a lot safer as entry to visitors is closely checked. Crimes for burglary are reported every now and then so it is recommended that you are at least on minimum alert of your belongings and the property.

Lastly, an internet connection is a must for every home, most modern homes are equipped with one however older properties may require a new connection. Connectivity is a lot better these days as there are number of providers that offer fiber lines which are excellent. Although, this is also dependent on whether they have an existing line passing in the locality.  Costs begin as low as Rs. 500 a month.