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Villas in North Goa

Vibrant nightlife, pub hopping, a variety of cuisines, and beautiful beaches are some of the reasons why vacationers prefer private villas for rent in North Goa. There is so much to explore and always so little time. A private villa allows for a space that you can call your own during the stay and keep away from the crowds and the noise. Before the pre-internet era, it was largely a very limited option for travelers to find a villa in North Goa for a holiday with listings being very difficult to find. Forward to a decade later, the vacation rental industry has blown up with listings popping all over. Homeowners today reach web portals to fulfill the needs of the modern traveler.

Why travelers prefer private villas for rent in Goa?

Plan The Perfect Vacation

Travelers today have a lot more options with booking holiday villas. As in comparison to hotel rooms, guests cant book a certain room in the layout or for that matter receive all the amenities they need. A vacation rental allows guests can plan their holidays knowing what they can expect in advance as they can choose a location that meets their tastes.

During the stay, if you don’t mind sharing outdoor amenities, a private villa or a luxury villa rental is the perfect option. You can have all you want to yourself with a vacation rental. Everyone visiting Goa is looking for a quiet beach retreat overlooking the beautiful open sea, a private villa with a nice private pool and beach access is a perfect match. Whether it is a villa in the middle of the action or on the outskirts, there is always a rental available in North Goa.

Valuing Privacy and Saving Money

Having private access to all amenities is one of the main reasons why travelers opt for a private space. Sharing a pool space with other guests or even a dining space may not go well with the traveler of today. Having to fight for a place to relax by the swimming pool because dozens of others are fighting for it isn’t a relaxing experience in any way. Common as such as eating space, laundry facilities, pool areas are always available to your self when a  villa is rented. Villas provide guests with not only their own bedroom spaces but also common areas such as living rooms, veranda spaces, and dining areas.

Many of such inconveniences sacrifice privacy and does not lead to a memorable holiday experience. Villas allow for a dedicated relaxing space that is exclusive to yourself and one that is personal. Villa rentals are perfect for families as they can have kids in a room for themselves and watch a movie in the other room or even spend together. The cost of additional rooms doesn’t arise in a vacation rental keeping cost low thus making it possible to allocate spending on other aspects of the trip other than spending more on accommodation.


Luxury Villas at North Goa

North Goa is home to some of the most luxurious villas mainly found around the coastal areas. Beginning at the spectrum of the luxury category are villas that feature a spacious and private swimming pool, in-house staff, fully equipped modern kitchen area, large dining area, and spacious living areas. Added to this amenity are features that also include tastily designed interiors created with an eye for detail and with a dedication to opulence offering every amenity to modern living such as a fully-equipped entertainment system and high-speed internet access. We often also come across villas with in-house dedicated cinema room for a private theatre experience along with entertainment areas, game zones, on-site spa facilities, fully equipped gyms, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi’s, a business room area an also dedicated play zones for kids.

No luxury stay is complete without a qualified and dedicated in-house staff that attend to guest comforts and run the facilities to ensure that guests have an environment that is effortless and relaxed.

Traveling to South Goa?


More Space

Some of the best villas in north Goa are not just only about privacy but also a space that is spacious, both indoor as well as outdoor. Open plans are very often seen in highly sort after villas that have grand living rooms, terraces by the infinity pool, beautiful bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms. The best holiday villas for rent are often found with Alfresco dining, lounge, and seating for sundowners and plenty of greenery all around. These features may appear to be subtle but are often what makes a particular villa stand apart from the rest.

Being Surrounded by Outdoor Beauty

Being surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, lush green lawns, open surrounding inspires a sense of relaxation allowing guests to be surrounded by green spaces. Escape the concrete jungles of the city and having to only be staying indoors and soak up the sun, breathing fresh air and embracing the outdoors.

Personalized Experience

Skip through waiting your turn at check-in counters, having to wait your turn for concierge services, or having to wait in long lines to buffet tables and shift to an experience that is personal and is flexible to meet your needs. It is only by renting private villas that experience is can be made possible where guests can experience signature services, stay in a decongested setting, stay comfortably, and enjoy the best in hospitality.

For An Unique and Homely Experience

With holiday villas now offering unique experiences to guests, from everything being stylish to smaller little touches that are carefully crafted, plenty of time and attention goes into every little detail. It surely isn’t a ‘cookie-cut experience’ where every room and space is the same to make guests feel special that is poured into the property.

We encourage you to look through our listings and even speak to us to help you better decide on a property that suits your needs and preferences. From group bookings to couple retreats we have a wide range of properties to offer!